Whah’s in the ultimate Hen Party survival Kit? Listen !!

We all like to see yourself only at Hen Heaven, as the UK’s #1 experts on all things capon party related. We also have to stay on top of the industry and customers, it really helps that hens are incredibly fun! We all conducted a survey lately asking hens what they would pack in a hen party survival system. The answers we have were hilarious and useful, as you would expect. So we thought why not share it with you guys so you can learn from felllow hens!

In case you are unsure about what a hen get together survival kit can now be let me enlighten you. It is far from your weekend travel tote, you know the one you pack your entire underwear and boring things like your tooth floss and brush (seriously floss must be one of the most boring things a female can pack, that and tampons). A endurance kit is basically an arsenal of items which can be gonna get you and your fellow hens through the night whatever odd things happen. Trust all of us to really know what could happen on a hen do!

For anyone who is are the one who is saddled with organising your hen party not only will Hen Heaven make everything easier for you but also our your survival kit ideas can save you once you’re on it. Ought to bribe a bouncer? Not a problem. Embarrass the bride? Verify. Wardrobe dilemma? No problem! It is sure to get you through (almost) any hen night! (Batteries not included).


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